Automatically apply mesh boolean operations

Hello, forum.
I have the following task:

There is a mesh (.ply file, manifold and watertight, about 10000 faces) and a cube given by 2 points (minX, minY, minZ) and (maxX, maxY, maxZ). I need to subtract this cube from the mesh. I know that mesh subtraction can be done via Modifiers->Boolean->Difference in Blender gui. What I need is to automate this task - e. g. to write a script that I can use like this:

./subtract input.ply cube_coordinates.txt output.ply

Is it possible? How to do it?
I have no experience in blender and blender scripting. Please suggest some manuals/examples/tutorials.

Well, moderators have reviewed this question for several hours, so I solved it myself. Please see my question about importing ply file with texture.