Automatically generated camera shaking (with TUTORIAL!)

Lol, it was convenient for me at the time. It doesn’t really matter, you get the same effect either way. (along with whatever you want to call it: camera shaking, camera tumble, who gives a darn) It’s not some proprietary thing… it’s a camera… parented to a softbody… that’s about it. Once you try it, it’s in your head forever.

A few tidbits:
Changing the distance of the camera from the softbody effects the velocity of the rotation.
Taking away the gravity is helpful if you’re going to be tilting forward or backward.

Wow! this is going to be perfect for my film!!!

:eek: It’s a great Idea man!
Real thanks for sharing it! :wink:

This works so well - a real world solution to a digital-based problem!

I like it - the soft-body settings do need tweeking. This is actually quite a good simulation of a steadycam - which is designed to reduce camera shake, but it seams to be able to create camera shake as well.

Thank you! I will definitely use this in my animation!

Fandabeedozy! I have been obsessed in making renders look like they were filmed on handheld cameras, but the camera shake was a pain in the bottom to get going. This is going to save so much time so a big thankyou!

Also, I see great potential in setting up deflections with other soft bodies to get some real cool effects such as collisions with the actual camera!

Great, can’t wait to try this out myself.

Great tutorial. Such a simple way to get things done. I like that.

You forgot to mention next to the Use Goal botton click it and select bone. It’s in the picture but not mentioned in the text.

I had a lot of trouble getting this to work, maybe because I’m using a different version of blender or something, but when I did get it working it turned out great.

I added it to a little path following camera move and it really adds drama and realism to the camera motion. Lots of inertia, love it!

I think it would be possible to use this with character animation too, if you added the control triangle as a separate object for each limb, used dummy bones in the character armature to move the triangles, and then parented the limb IK controllers to the triangle verts. It’d give the limbs some inertia and a sense of weight. You could also add one to the character’s armature root to allow inertia when performing translations.

Maybe I’ll give it a try. It’d be a great submission to blenderart 15…

cool !!! thank you

Woah! I never thought you’d be able to use a softbody to control camera movement. Great tutorial. Works perfectly!

That just rocks, I’m SO using this for my short. :slight_smile: Thanks, man! :smiley:

Great idea! It definitly allows me to make a realistic animation, thanks. Your tut is also easy to understand. I agree with Smoking_mirror, this should be included in Blenderart.

was anyone able to get anything like this working in 2.45?

I’ve had limited success…

Just on the previous page;

and this one


yoyofargo, can I translate the tutorial to portuguese?

i foresee a lot of animation in the future with the steadycam view. Anyone going to try to do Cloverfield 3D?

hey , great tutorial , im using 2.46 , and i dont see where to insert the bone name showed in this image

i have instead this :

How do i do it in 2.46 ?