Automatically generating sounds based on animation and object properties

Since my question is related to animation, I’m hoping this is the right thread. I’m looking for a less common feature, which I’m curious if an addon exists for or anyone might ever code in Blender.

I always add sound to my animations directly (using speakers for directional audio) and render to a video format with audio. If I animate a character walking I need to find or make my own collision sounds, which I then need to match closely to how the character collides. eg: Get a footstep sound and play it at each keyframe where a leg touches the ground. This is difficult to do when movement is detailed, especially if you want the audio to match everything that should make a collision sound.

I was thinking of a way that could be used around this: Could an addon allow giving various objects / faces material properties, then analyzing the animation and automatically generating an appropriate noise for collisions? For example, let’s say I’m animating a metal sphere falling on a concrete surface. The addon would detect that at a certain keyframe, the sphere object has gotten X close to the concrete surface and is moving at Y speed. Based on material properties you would assign to each object, it would use this data to generate the sound of a metal object hitting concrete at the location of the impact. The pitch of the sound would be determined by the mass / size of the objects, and the amount of the object touching the surface. Other settings could determine how metallic / plastic / etc. the object is, how empty it is (so the sound echoes and lasts longer) and so on.

Is there anything like that, or any chance someone could make one? It would make sounds during animations a lot easier, and I think it would be a very neat feature.

An interesting concept, but no such addon exists.