Automatically link rendered 360° panoramas to a tour


Do you know a software that automatically links 360° panoramas to a tour ?

I wanna achieve something like this:
This made with a 3DS Max Plugin called Promenadd.
With this Plugin you can define a path or camerastandpoints in 3D Studio Max and the Plugin renders a 360° Panorama of every standpoint and links them automatically to a tour. This saves alot of time if you have hundrest of panoramas.

But this example only works with Flash.
I think today we have mutch better Panoramaplayers for example krpano wich supports all common VR-Glasses and work without any Plugin.

From my point uf view, Panoramaplayers are the best solution because you can use them on any devices without any high hardwarerequirements, with the lowest filesize but with the highest renderquality.
Webbased Gameengines require still good hardware and big files transfer throught the www and they lack on renderquality - but maybe I’m wrong.

I will also ask krpano (if they wanna hear me ;-)) but maybe some of you know’s other solutions to solve this task ?

Kind regards