Automatically logged out of the forum

Hi Admins,

I keep getting logged out automatically while I am browsing the sections of the forum. Whenever I want to post, I get a Vbulletin message that I do not have permission either because I am not logged in or because I am not a member. When I try to log in using the VBulletin interface I get the successfully logged in message but I am again redirected to the same vBulletin page. I do not log out myself and still am logged out.:frowning: I have to try several times before I successfully log back in, as now for posting this.
Or is it that one has to authenticate oneself before they can post, even if they are logged in already.
Please help…

Welcome to VBulletin. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not your fault.

Welcome to VBulletin. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not your fault.

:slight_smile: guess i will have to get used to it…

There is very-clearly a problem here, and it is a serious problem. (Posts aren’t always getting “posted,” either.) But… running a very popular forum is never a picnic lunch. The software is big and it is cranky. (Imagine how the Blender developers must feel!)

I don’t know if that problem is real common around here, I have never run into it myself so as of now the board doesn’t give me a lot of problems (if any).

I do wonder what makes some users more vulnerable to such a problem than others, and whether the problem is predictable enough to be easily fixed?

To analyse such problems, I think some more information is needed:

  • what browser are you using (incl. version)
  • what OS are you running the browser on
  • Do you have cookies enabled?

I really can’t help with that, but our admins might need this information.

@Sumazure: If posts do not appear, the might be in the moderators queue. Especially new threads in the tutorials section need to be reviewed by the moderators before published.


@ Monster:

Monster To analyse such problems, I think some more information is needed:

I’m using Firefox 3.6.12 running on Windows 7 Professional with cookies enabled.
I also have a proxy Firewall at my institute. It might be a reason.
The problem of getting logged out automatically occurs not only when I want to post something but also when I am using search for finding topics in older threads.