Automating Blender ?

Can I use Python or some “Internal Macros” to automate a series of steps such as: Import .obj, Save As Blend, Export to Ogre Mesh, Etc…

I may be getting a large # of files I’ll need to do something like this with.

Any tips are much appreciated!


yes you can, for example here is how you can import bvh files from the command line:

blender -P mymocap.bvh

import Blender, bpy, sys, 
sys.path.append("%s/.blender/scripts/blender" %os.environ['HOME'] )
from bvh_import import *
bvh_nodes = read_bvh(sys.argv[-1], 0.01)
arm = bvh_node_dict2armature(bvh_nodes)		# extra args: startframe, loop-ipo

Excellent, thanks :wink: