automating blender

Hi, I’m needing to write a script that will take a .blend file and automatically render images from it based on other input parameters. What I need to do is take the file, find the armature, set certain bones to certain poses (there may be situations where some bones need to be in one pose and other bones in another), set each shape key slider to a specific value, and then render the image. The part I am stuck on is how, once the armature is found, to select bones and set which pose they are in. I am still just starting on this but I have been looking through the Blender Python API and can’t seem to find where it will allow me to do this. Does anyone know if this is even possible? Or maybe where in the API I should be looking? Thanks for any help on this.

hey, I’m stuck with the exact same problem and I was wondering whether you’ve already found how to solve it. I have a script that reads LocX,Y,Z and RotX,Y,Z, from a .str file and creates an animation with objects. I’m trying to change so as to work on bones instead but no luck so far :spin: