Automating netrender.

I have been trying to get a personal render farm going as we have accumulated a great deal of computers. I don’t have many monitors so I just wanted to create start-up batch files to launch blender on boot-up. Past the launching part is where I get confused. How do I get blender to start the slaves automatically? I do apologize if this is in the wrong category but it seemed like a tech question.

Tech Specs:

2x Pentium 4 (1.8Ghz), 1Gig ram 333mhz, Intel on board GPU(old), Lubuntu
1x Pentium 4 (2.4Ghz), 1Gig ram 533mhz, Intel on board GPU(old), Lubuntu
1x Celeron D (3.33Ghz), 1Gig ram 800mhz, UniChrome Pro Graphics with 64M shared memory, Windows XP


1x Core Duo (2.86Ghz), 4Gig ram 1333mhz, Nvidia 220GT, Windows 7


1x Core Duo (3.4Ghz), 8Gig ram 1333mhz, Nvidia 550 Ti, Windows 7

Also, does this seem like an effective set up?

I can’t answer your specific question, but it is something I’ve also touched briefly/unsuccessfully on. If you are unable to work it out, some of these may do the trick, for the hardware you’re using :

Thanks for the links!!

Hi, make your settings and save the file as slave.blend > put slave.blend in autostart folder or write a small batch file with:
blender.exe -b slave.blend
It is possible to write different orders in this line.
blender.exe /help give you examples what is possible.

Cheers, mib.