Automation of repetitious modeling steps?

Is it possible to create an automation of some sort which will take an object and both move/rotate that object to a predefined location?
I realize it’s a minor thing, but I like to model small office objects (i.e. pens) and then render them using the same scene/lighting. I’m moving from Modo 902 to Blender 2.8, and I’m interested in whether or not there is something like this built into Blender, or if Python would be able to do this, etc.
Also, if there are preferred terms for doing such things, I’d appreciate knowing those as well, as it makes it easier to search for tutorials on specific details.

The easiest way is with some simple python scripting. I’m assuming that you are using 2.8, so hop on over to the scripting workspace tab

Blender records all most of its actions in the ‘info editor’ (in the lower left in this workspace). After doing something in the ui (moving, extruding, whatever) you will notice text added to the info editor.

If you click on the text that describes the actions you are looking to repeat, they will be highlighted (shift click to add mode), then you can copy and paste them into the text editor.

Make sure you start your text file with the line import bpy to enable scripting.

Once you have all the actions pasted in after import bpy, then you can click the run script button in the top right corner, and it will repeat the actions.

Start small, and gradually add on. This makes it much easier to debug.

In this example, I duplicate the object over and rotated it 30°:

after mashing the run script button a few times, I have quickly repeated that action:

It get much more complex from there, but for basic macro scripting, this should be enough to get you started.

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Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed, and at the same time I’ve been looking for a small goal/incentive to learn something about python. :slight_smile:

It is an immensely helpful skill. Definitely worth figuring out some basic scripting, you can save hours of time.

What you’re looking for is Pie Menu Editor. It allows so many things and macros.

The term you’re looking for is “procedural”
“procedural scene” “procedural trees” “procedural displacement” “procedural forest” etcetera
You make it sound like you want so many office supplies they should be particles.