Automerge Editing Help

Can anyone tell me how to use automerge editing in Blender in the Windows platform?
There seems to be no docs in the wiki. Thanks in advance.

You have to activate the snapping tool in order to use Automerge.
Automerge removes the doubles when you snap 2 vertices.

A complete page on the wiki would be great !

Its a two step process.

First select ‘automerge editing’ in the mesh menu.

Next activate the snap icon in the 3d header. Now when you hold ctrl and snap to a vertex, it automerges.


For any Devs reading this. This is way too useful a feature to be hidden away in the mesh menu. It should be on the 3d header along with all the major editing features.

If I hadn’t bought Andy’s Creature Factory (awesome btw), I wouldn’t even have noticed it.

Maybe if you devs placed it next to the snapping tools icons?

LOL. Same for me I just started to watch some of the dvd it and hadn’t even noticed it until then. I personally like the feature and its pretty well hidden, so i doubt many people know about it.

Small demo on using the tool that i made…