Hi there!
I watched this video tutorial a couple of days ago and saw something I could be in use of, some guy was modeling a half figure but the other half of the figure was automatically cloned and mirrored as he edited the model’s other half. I could really use that for a model I’m doing.

Any ideas of what he might have been using? , possibly

One option is to use Buttons Window -> Editing -> Mesh Tools 1 -> X-axis mirror. It is a general option (if you set it on, it’s on even if you edit another object). This feature works even in asymmetric case unlike mirror modifier.

I recommend using mirror modifier whenever possible though. Sometimes you may find array modifier useful too. You can make radial mirrors with it (use object offset and empty). There is an example of that at .

Before we had modifiers mirroring was done by creating a linked instance of the object and then mirroring it. There may be some rare cases in which this method may be preferable. I am not sure though.

Thx guys, those were the things I were looking for :smiley: