Automobile of choice?!?!

hey guys, well, i’ve been getting into cars lately, i’ve developed an interest i never had before.
Well this thread is just to discuss your dream car or just your favorite car.

Well my car is the Cadillac xlr roadster:

well the reason i like it, it’s pretty fast, it has space, and it’s sexy…lol

What’s yours?

For me, any Ferrari will do. But for class, performance, comfort, etc., you can not beat an M5:

Still out of my price range though.

Depending on how things go with work here over the next year, a nice BMW 325i may be doable for me though.


I’ve been an Alfa Romeo fan back in the day. I’ve owned several of them, 3 x Guilietta, 2000 Super Executive (very nice), GTV 2000 and a 1971 1750 GTV. The Alfas of the 70’s and early 80’s were particularly well engineered cars. The Alfetta series (Guilietta, GTV and 2000) had the gearbox at the back in the same housing as the diff. This gave them the best weight distribution possible and their handling was outstanding - typical of Italian cars. Furthermore, all aluminuim engine block, gearbox housing etc, made them beautifull under the bonnet too. Twin overhead cams, twin side draught carbs, hemispherical combustion chambers…I can bore you with a lot more details, as I’ve rebuilt and restored them at one stage :slight_smile:

Some of the other performance orientated cars I’ve owned; Jaguar XJ 4.2l, Ford Capri 3l and a Porsche 944 turbo. Needles to say, the Porsche was the best performing car, very light, fast and good handling, but also the most unreliable.

Sadly, I have lost all my interest in cars. My VW Jetta is reliable, light on feul and cheap on maintanance.

If I had an unlimmited budget, I’d get me a Bugatti Type 35. Propably the most expensive collector’s car out there. A prime example of form follows function design. It looks like it wants to move, even when its standing still. Even untill today, Bugattis have won more races then any other marque in the world.

I’ll be honest trak wrecka, that roadster isnt doing for me… it looks like a block of wood with wheels and a windshield.

yes, you can, an M6! I am NOT sold on those dame edna headlights, but you’re right, the M5’s are amazing cars.

as a potentially attainable car, I’d pick the Audi RS 4. I’ve always enjoyed audi’s refined styling, and I think the RS 4 hits the market at a very nice sweet spot of (albiet extreme) fuctionality with grace and form.

But if I’m going the more affordable route, I’ll pick the mazda 6 (or atenza, depending where you live) sport. but those clear tail lights are going.

Here they my favorite cars in order.

1980-89 Lamborghini Countach

1955-74 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

And of course, the 1938-2003 Volkswagen Beetle

I can however only realistically afford a Beetle, or perhaps the 1986 Nissan Pulsar which I also like. (mom had one)

Maybe later if I’m lucky I can get a Karmann Ghia… but chances are, unless I become super rich like Jay Leno, I won’t get the Lamborghini.

@ traitor: well, i chose it cause it suits all my requirements, speed, class, style.

Aston Martin. Any of them.
That is true class.

Maybe one of those 550BHP Vantages…


This was posted by Unnamed in the IRC chat:

“We are now accepting reservations for 2008 model year cars on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Quite a bit of money, but might be worth it just to give the guy at the gas station the finger as you drive by…

personally i dont like any flashy cars i like the look of this audi here an Audi tt quatro sport

Mini Cooper all the way!

mazda rx 9


porshe carrera GT


and a few more but that should do

but i curently own
Nissan Pathfinder 2007, LE

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned this yet…

Lotus Elise 99T

It’s just such a beautiful car… drools

traitor: Indeed, an M6 would be my next choice. :stuck_out_tongue: As for the Mazda 6, it is a great car. Drove one about a year ago. Goes like stink and with the tiptronic shifter, really nice to drive. Get the Mazda Speed 6 though. More HP, for not much more money.

I am seriously leaning towards a Lexus IS250 for my next ride though. Very attainable for me next year.


Quite Likely:

Skoda Octavia Estate (Station Wagon):


BMW X3 4x4 Estate (Station Wagon).

I currently own a very French Peugeot 206 SW, which has a very annoying driving position and is really too small and lacking in HP. So despite owning it for less than 6 months it’ll be getting traded in soon.

I would like a nature friendly car like


(runs on garbage)

Arent you guys aware of the situation we’re in?

If this ran on fart gas maybe I might want one

Unfortunately, though, you’ll then be a BM driver. And we all know what they are like… [/sweeping generalisations]

Hmm, my choice is tricky. Step one would be to rule out all American cars.

Now, either an Aston (vantage… drool), or a TVR. Yeah, yeah, first time I drive it I’ll end up in a tree, but fuck me I’ll have a smile on my face when I die.

TVRs: Chimaera, because you can get one for about £10 grand now. Not the best looking, but it’s quite a beast.
Tuscan, a beaut. About 20 grand now, so slightly more expensive (heheh)
Sagaris, 35-40 grand, and insanely nice. Apparently, it’s been built after the makers heard of cornering, too.

Shame TVR isn’t fully British now, but it’s about as close as you can get nowadays.

Saw an Atom the other day, man can that thing accelerate!




Sports cars are neat and all…

but if you guys have ever tried to have sex in them you will know that it is very cramped and uncomfortable … (unless you are dating a contortionist , then is is quite sporting )

with a truck, you can toss a full sized mattress in the back and enjoy the stars at night.

2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

p00f: When you have been married for a while, like me, the sports car becomes more enjoyable. :smiley: (God, I hope my wife doesn’t read this :p).


I got a '95 Toyota Corolla hatchback

My current favourite is a Citroen C6 (I know, weird looking, but there’s one in front of my workplace every day and for some strange reason I really like it)

But, if I had the cash, the house to match and were living in a country without speedbumps I’d go for the murcielago

yea you are right :slight_smile:

I should buy a sports car… she would never fit into it, and I will have my own private space again 8).

yea, I hope my wife dosent see this either… I am going to erase my history folder right after posting :slight_smile: