Autonoise for human riggs (and others)

is there a bone constrait or an add on that noises the bones angles during an animation?
no living beeing stands totally still even if we stand still, we move a little, because our muscles constantly tweek the position of our bones to let us stand upright. i am looking for an automated process that ads only light variations to every calculationstep in an animation. that would reduce the uncanny valley effect i guess. if there is no such thing, it would be great if it will be implemented

there is the Fcurve noise modifier, you can even apply it to an NLA strip.

But it’s a bit long to setup, a little script that automate the process can be easy to make.

I’ve used that kind of cheats , it’s a double edged sword, because it can add a bit of randomness but also mess up your animation when you need something precise. It’s sometime great but hard to control…