"Autopilot" - F1 Entry

I am finished now,


simply beautiful.

Looks 7331 reminds me alot of halo :smiley:

1337 ?:confused:

yay you finished!
I really like it

Thanks so much for the comments!

awesome Nikolaus! great job finishing, looks wonderful.

Cool and very interesting
I like the snow, but like to see how you would bring flakes to bounce from the cars body as well as water drops to accumulate and trickle as they melt
Very nice

Thanks for the comments

Whoa,pretty awesome!
I have one complaint though:maybe it’s just me,but I can’t feel the speed in the picture,it seems like it is standing.But again,that’s just me,and both the model and the composition are awesome!Very nice!

Thanks for the critique

It’s supposed to be moving? I thought it was just standing still gathering snow (even though it’s titled autopilot), which is in my opinion a cool scene. If you’re focusing on composition, I wouldn’t say this one is good for showing a blindingly fast object, not to mention the lack of blur in the background.

Don’t get me wrong; I like it very much as it is, but it seems you intended something different.

The one thing I would fix here, if nothing else were to be changed, would be the mountains nearest to the foreground. They are noticeably undetailed, which detracts from the scene a bit. (I noticed this before seeing the wireframe)

The car itself looks great. I love the color too.

Thanks for the comment


Ship is great, I prefer the motion blur render, materials and lighting all look very good. The only thing is for this kind of movement render, it’s really missing the pilot I think the lack of someone or something in the cockpit stands out like a sore thumb and is bringing down an otherwise great render.

Haha, the one where the guy’s flying off the road reminds me of the original Speed Racer opening.