Autorename bones & making bones render

Two quickfire questions…

What’s the basic workflow I’m supposed to follow to get the bone auto renaming script to work? Whenever I make two “hip” bones (one eac side) one gets called “hip” and the other defaults to “hip.001”. When running the autorename script, they are then names “hip.R” and “hip.001.L”… not what I am after.

Also… without a model (mesh), is it possible to make the armature itself render?

To render the armature, you can click the “render window” button to the right of the layer buttons.
i don’t know anything about the autorename script, I just use x-axis mirror when I make my armatures and that names them for me.

To clarify… I want to render them as animation, not one frame. I want to be able to save the animation. I’ve been working with young students on modeling in Blender and we are ready to start looking at rigging & animation. I though a good introduction would be to animate stick figure armatures without a mesh to start off.

If you press Ctrl and click that button, it renders the animation. It is saved to the location you set in the render buttons.

Thanks… I recall seeing that somewhere but it was ages ago.

Now for the renaming issue…


I don’t know how to get the autoname function to do quite what you want but here’s a possible workflow that uses it:

  • Create half your armature.
  • Use Autoname L-R to add the .L or .R suffix.
  • Duplicate all the bones not on the midline.
  • Mirror them to the other side of the body using the 3D cursor as a pivot.
  • Select the mirrored bones and use Flip Left & Right Names.

I don’t think it’s intended for renaming bones, just naming them initially.