Auto's for Thesis

Hello all,

My name is Mark Groulx and I am an Honours Geography student at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I worked this past summer on a campus model for the University and had the pleasure of using blender. I have recently started my thesis work which is a study of the use of 3D animations in the comprehension of urban planning processes amongst laypersons. My case study is a traffic congestion problem along a specific corridor in Thunder Bay. I will be modelling the current traffic pattern along with the topography and architecture of the site and then I will test several solutions in the model. I require a few models of automobiles to be used in my model. I would model them myself, only with my other school work, the timeframe just does not permit me learning and modelling such things. I am requesting models for simple cars to be used in an animation, nothing as detailled as the alpha romeo I just viewed (although it is stunning work), just some realistic looking vehicles to be used in the traffic simulation. Any contributers will receive an aknowledgment in my thesis as well as my sincerest thanks. If anyone is able to help me out please e-mail me at [email protected].

Thank You for your time

Mark Groulx
Honours Geography

You might look at DMI car 3d models… they have a bunch of free car models, mostly in Lightwave format. If you import those, you may be able to decimate the mesh so that it doesn’t take as long to render.

Thanks for the idea i will check that out