Autotracker in the clip editor

Does anyone know if the clip editor will get an auto-tracking feature in the near future? I know manual tracking is better, but when you and tracking a dense area with hills and valleys and different planes it can be time consuming. Also, the auto-tracker can provide a point-cloud of your environment much faster.

Blender has had auto-tracking capabilities since early 2012 (I believe).
Just hit the “Detect features” button on the toolself marker panel. It will place some markers on the footage and you can track them automatically as usual (Ctrl+T). Depending on the footage, it is highly likely that the resulting tracks will require a lot of attention so chances are that you will end up waisting instead of saving time.

This is what I am talkin about “Auto keyframe by default” it will find and add tracking feature markers within each advancing frame.

I believe that this function is getting looked at with different algos.

Okay cool breeze.