Autumn forest - low poly landscape


My new project: Autumn forest. 30 hours of work and 50 for rendering. I want to know your opinion, even when is bad.



That’s pretty good. Nice job.

For me there was some stutter in the video, and I wasn’t sure if it was just on my end, in the render, or in the Vimeo upload.

Thanks. Where you see stutter? On some curves camera don’t move smooth.

Very nice indeed. Congratulations!

That’s an amazing piece of work! Well done!

I really like it, especially the flythrough!

Cool idea! Is this just for fun?

Yes, it is just for fun:)

outstanding piece of work with the unique artistic style!

It must’ve been on my end, I watched it again but didn’t see it. I believe the first time it happened during the rotation around the island. This time it sort of felt a bit rough on the rotation but didn’t totally stutter. Perhaps the video playback is just not syncing to my refresh rate? I don’t know.

Anyways I really like it. Are you going to use this as an intro animation or end card animation? If you shortened it up some I think it’d work pretty well.

cool. how low poly is it?
ever though about making a cardbox 3d movie of it? pretty easy with the build in 3d stereo vision of blender.

Nice work man. How you get this type creative idea! Actually, I am trying to make digital multimeter like Fluke 115 Review 2018: Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter this. I have not much creative idea but I will try to make something new type multimeter.

@Falconius: Thanks for describing problem :wink: The film was improvisation, I did not plan it. Positive reactions make me want to make a similar film from scratch.

Terrain: 16,500 tris
Road: 60,000
Single tree: avg 400
Forest: 3,200,000 (around 8,000 trees)
Rock: avg 45
Rocks: 3,645,000 (around 81,000 rocks)
Plant: avg 36
Plants: 2,160,000 (around 60,000 plants)
Finally 9,081,500 for low poly scene :wink: One frame was rendered in 100s on GTX 970 (1280x720, motion blur, 200 samples, denoising).

No, I wasn’t think about 3d movie. I don’t know this technique. Maybe it is time to learn?

cardbox 3d is simple with blender. there is not much to learn.

ok, you need a smartphone and a cardbox 3d visualizer ( whatever the name is) to watch the result.

in blender you go to properties - scene - down below check views .
this will change the view to a stereovision in red cyan. if you got red blue 3d glasses, you can allready see everything in 3d.

now change “window 3d setup” in the informationsection that is normally one single line at the top of blender where you can change the scene and renderengines. change setup from anaglyph that is red/cyan to side by side. this option will not be there if you dont change view in scene.

now change properties - render - output to stereo and also side by side.

if you now render a single picture, you will have two pictures in one like the left and the right eye would see it. but you cannot see it in blender, you have to save the image first and check it with a pictureviewer.

i recommend to change from 16/9 to 1/1 or 960/1080 (will result in a 1920/1080). if you dont want to move the camera, you can change the sensor at camera properties - data - camera.

this is the whole trick


3d side by side setup.blend (426 KB)

Thanks, i will try it.

send you a PM, please check

Wow this is amazing! You know what this reminds me of is one of the city plots of land from SimCity 2013, now you just need to build a city on it and your good to go!


beautiful colors! :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t render for 50(!) hours.
For a stylized rendering like that you don’t need a pathtracer or bounce-light.
Next time turn of secondary bounces and use an ambient light. The whole sequence could be rendered in under an hour or even in realtime using UE4 or Unity.