Autumn forest - low poly landscape

Hello , fine art it is !

from SimCity 2013

Beautiful! Did it really take 50 hours to render the video? Holy cow!!! :eek:

bread eater, thank you for showing your work. As other people have already said, it reminds me of transport tycoon deluxe and simcity. If there could be a little train…

Train was in plans, but because lack of time, I had to remove it :frowning:

Really cool. thats a pretty big scene, must havetaken a while to render.

You have right: 50 hours for render animation on GTX 970.

Very interesting idea for animation. And result is very good for me, i like it.

same thought here!

…and soon EEVEE :smiley:

I tried Eevee, but it is too early yet.

Simple, low poly and elegant. The lighting is amazing by the way. Good Job.