Autumn Nostalgie

First of all I must say that I am not advanced Blender and other 3D standard 3d software user. My background is Archicad and Sketchup. Now I spend my spare time(maybe even more) to learn Blender. Thanks to Blender Guru, Blender Cookie, Blendertuts, and other great teachers! My style(for what I’ve been always criticized) is to learn hard way - try to work on advanced things and learn things I am missing on the process. So I’ve started quite ambitious project with basic knowledge.

So…Plan is to make labors neighborhood of post IWW period, 1920-ties. Autumn, sun, falling leafs. Deficiency, depression at formerly successful industrial town in East Europe.

In the foreground - manual water-pump - kind of symbol of social class and period of time. Cobbled street, walkways with culled bricks. 1-2 storey rental houses. Some lime-trees or maples. Some tall constructions of manufacture over houses. Its chilly, so some smoke form chimneys, some falling/dropped leafs, some garbage on street.
I started in agile dev. style with exploring methods for achieving best result as optimal possible, but goal is to achieve possibly as realistic models and image as possible.

Tools: only Blender(lets see if its possible)
Renderer: cycles

Some references of inspiration:

First big challenge/task is to find out best method for ground. Seems I should make single object with this complex displacements, textures of texture, spec, bumps. I’d like to find out method for sculpting displacement and texturing progressively(Hope someone can suggest something). Anyways - there must be more qualitative tutorials about sculpting and advanced texturing. Thanks to Róbert Ferenczi who started to teach something form this field!

I am Thinking that some human or animal could bring life to scene, what do You think?

I already made water-pump - hero of scene.

Honestly I’ve made this tread to motivate my self more and not abandon project for many other ideas. Also hoping for Your support! :slight_smile:

Today I experimented and played around cobblestones.
Maybe I had to include in project description that I want use as less pre-made textures and maps as possible.
So this is example - I use add-on to fracture(Cell fracture) required area to Cobbles - attached subdivide and displacement modifiers. Used single material for all cobbles trough linking it. Also modifiers were linked. And also ground
was displaced and provided with procedural material.

One place I know for sure where texture could be used - leafs. But maybe not, if no leafs will be close to camera. Well such or any other fragment of similarly cobbled area could be made literary in 5…10min. No sculpting, no painting.