autumn season

my most recent project! hope you guys like it and let me know how you guys think about it ! :wink:
my goal is too make viewer feel like they are in the scene themself,i think add that little paper to tell some story!

Render with cycles : 100 samples
composit in blender
time render : 30 min

yeah! i have views

I like it, but it is kind of hard to tell what’s going on in the scene. I think you should make the piece of wood less prominent, and focus more on the chain link fence. You might also want to consider turning up the contrast a bit. It looks a little washed out. The falling leaf is really cool. I would try to make it stand out more.

Thks, that is very helpful!

At first I thought I was looking at some weird camera shot of a paint canvas in front of a river, something just seems a bit off with the wood material considering that it’s looking wet and wavy (perhaps because of too much glossy and too much bump combined with the somewhat low-res look of the texture.)

You right, that is a low-res tex, because i can’t find a good tex on internet