Autumn (updated again)

Well, it’s been months without a new blend, but tonight I finally finished a piece that I’ve been touching at the past month or so :slight_smile:

Update–improvements as detailed below.
Update 2 - Painted in some clouds and mist :slight_smile:

Comments and crits are welcome!

Looks great to me… But IMHO there should be some leaves on the floor… and the field are too… um… blank… u should put the plants more pack together…
looks great overall

Well done! But the mountains don’t look very realistic. There are too many sharp corners, points (on the edges) to make them believable.

Greetz, Fritz

I like it, I think its a very nice scenery peice. And I think the mountains make it look sorta fantasy-ish. :slight_smile: good job.

Thanks for the replies.

I wasn’t actually going for photorealism here, rather a more painterly effect–I’ll see if I can do something about the mountains though.

:o I love that painted sort of feeling your going there with…great lighting. But as you get to the bottom of the image it gets a bit too dark…

Did a small update, which you can see at the top :slight_smile:

I made the mountains a bit smoother, and made the mist at the bottom a little more golden and glowing.

amazing colours, beautiful :slight_smile:

Updated again %|

This time I painted in some clouds by the mountains, and some mist in the hills.

I loved it before, but with the new clouds and fog on the plain…wow it totally rocks.

Awesome job man, love the colors!

great job man!!

keep working like this! it really feels like autumn :slight_smile:


Man this is great! Youre really good with brushing.

Thanks guys!

There wasn’t that much brushing, just some random blobs of color and blending for the clouds :slight_smile: The sky behind the mountains is an image.
The misty rays in the foreground were done with a halo lamp rendered as a seperate layer, then composited.


It has a great feeling, and the way you have handled the light is excellent. Gallery Fodder for sure.


I love the colour, lighting and feel. It’s what I kind of hoped to see when I saw the title. Makes my feet itchy - want to be in a scene like that instead of stuck here in the office!!

every so often i see something here at the forums that changes my ideas about what blender is capable of. I mean, to me, this looks like a painting. I can read through the posts and get an rough idea of the process used to get it- and then go back to the render again and just marvel at the results. nice job, jason.s