Autumn's beauty

Isn’t automn one of the most pleasant season for the eye? With colorfull leaves and breathtaking panorama.
Of course not everyone can see this kind of natural show. Some people more lucky always have good temperature and sunbath, maybe the beach near…

For everyone to enjoy this season, those lucky guys at equator and all the rest around the globe, I invite everyone to share photos of this cool looking season. Include some photos and the location where you took them.

Here’s some from south of Quebec:

Very nice renders, Gabio! Did you use yafray?

Autumn’s only just coming on here in redneck-land (Ark.-US) but its really looking to be a promising one. I love the colors we get - I may try to post some shots if I get a chance…

there was a great hunter’s moon rise in my neck of the woods last night. if it happens again tonight, i’ll take a picture and share.

I envy you, Gabio. For some reason, the leaves are very late this year, and haven’t even begun to change where I live. This is bad, because when they do, it is so beautiful that our city anticipates for the tourists, who are very dissapointed this year. I will certainly share some pictures, if the leaves change before winter (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

I think I’ll have to post some pics when the whole mountainsides of aspens being to turn colors. That’s the most beautiful thing about Colorado.

You’r right.
a cheap way to discover new land isn’t it?

great photo’s looks really spectacular!

spring down here in NZ, missed out on photo’s of lambing season because it was very early this year :frowning:

Here the leaves just get nasty and brown and fall all over the pretty stuff. :expressionless:

for some it may be beautiful but for me fall is the suckiest time. the trees all lose their leaves and its too cool to really do anything outside but not cold enough to get out the snowmobile.
i guess for some its nice, i also get the nice sunsets and the trees (thunder bay, top of lake superior) but i think winter and summer are beter