After watching the leaves fall a few days ago I was inspired to create this image which I think has some interesting interpretative possibilities, especially since it’s a little more on the abstract side.

Pure Blender, no post-processing on the main render (text/border was added).

A second image (“Winterized”) was derived from this image after an accidental color inversion while adding text. I also mirrored it horizontally, and it looked interesting so I kept it.

For users with screens set to smaller resolutions, you can see more (or all) of relatively tall images like this by pressing the F11 key while in your web browser if it supports full-screen mode, as Internet Explorer, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox do. F11 toggles between full-screen and regular mode and works best if the browser is already maximized in its window.

I’m thinking of making prints available at some point, of these and other works of mine, especially ones where smaller details and textures tend to get lost at typical screen-oriented resolutions and file compression ratios.

I signed up at deviantART (as rtiess) since they have a print program that sounds good, but I’d be interested in hearing any suggestions for other known/better alternatives to making prints available, preferrably on-demand setups. Also, if anyone has had prints done through or ordered from DA I’d like to hear your opinions on that.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Great post RobertT, I really appreciate the results, great feeling of autumn regeneration.
You made an optimal use of 3D for your artistical content. It’s a good usage.
Keep good work.
For print/poster, I made some for myself with a printer online on photopaper. It’s not expensive and if you devellop some family photos with the command delivery cost less.
I work too to now how to delivers posters of my work cause I had 4 ask by mail this month, and I said that I will think of it.
Could you remind me how cost the Deviant Art abonnement ?

Yeah that’s some pretty hot stuff RobertT How did you achieve that?

That’s really nice. How on earth did you do all that in only blender???

Thats a fine piece of art. Colors and composition work great together.

I hated the winterization though.

DeeVad: Thank you very much, DeeVad. I admire your art and understand why people would be interested in prints of it :slight_smile: DeviantArt was free to join, and they have some information here for submission guidelines and pricing. CafePress was another website I heard of but have no personal experience with. I have mentioned in the past it would be cool if the Blender Foundation could pair up with a print service like that so some profit percentage could go towards helping the organization.

jackblack: Thanks, jackblack! As you might imagine, this took quite a bit of time and patience to get just right. I used a technique here partly similar to the one I used for “Self Made Man,” where faces and edges were manually extracted (ripped/removed) and scaled manually, in this case by small groupings. The ground started out as a mesh grid and then, like the humanoid mesh, underwent a series of transformations that ultimately lead to the final image here.

Cuby: Thanks! I explain a bit in my reply above to jackblack. Basically a LOT of work, rotating the 3D view, and shaping until everything looked and felt just right.

pikseli: Thank you very much, pikseli. It was a good creative challenge for me, something different from what I’ve been working on lately, and in the end almost exact to the image I had in mind.


Now this is more like the RobertT that I know.

Superb feeling here. You are correct, there are a few interpretations of this one that you can make.

Great image.


Beautiful, just beautiful, very pleasing to look at, the swirl of color, the mirrored surfaces. Good work.

Great! You seem to have a knack for putting out great pieces.

He’s been doing this for years, he would’ve had plenty of time to get to this quality.

BgDM: Thank you very, very much, BgDm. This piece took a lot of effort but was worth it I think.

Cyborg Dragon: Thanks so much!

frodo2975: Haha, thanks :slight_smile: I try but don’t always succeed, but this one was exciting and fulfilling to finish.

Cyborg Dragon (2nd reply): Haha, well, not that many years :wink: I started 3D and Blender around April 2003 and didn’t produce anything notable until 2004, so 2004-06 is where I start counting in terms of possibly good work. Lots of blends since then, but still a ways to go I have. It’s been fun so far though :slight_smile:


Full 3d art that could easily pass as a Painting by one of the Masters.
'Tis superb. Inspirational. Thought provoking. Masterclass!

One day I will only need Blender for all my graphics, that day is not far away.


It’s always nice to see your latest work Robert, and this one is really interesting. I like the colors a lot especially the white planes kick up the contrast. Personally I’m not crazy about the winterized one. I wounder if some vector blur or focus might add something interesting.

Great work!

Looks like a lot of work.