Aux armes citoyens !

(garbager) #1

When I saw the bad news yesterday, I was working on a project with Blender that was supposed to show the professionnal aspect of Blender. I’m usually working on 3DSMAX, but I always thought Blender has a place in a production pipeline, cause it’s modeling tools are efficient and quick to manipulate.
The fact it is free show also that you don’t need a high end package to obtain top notch results.
I think that Blender did encounter a real sucess in the 3D community, but not in production community for several reasons.
First, as it is free, many students or beginner try work on it, and what blender needs to show is stuff that can be impressive. That is why I’m asking Every one to check their previous work or start a work that match professionnal quality in order to create the best Blender gallery, to really show possible investors that Blender has to continue development and alos has to stay free. I was several times amazed by progress people made with this tool, in a very short timeline.
If you’re artists that has such stuff to show, please post in galleries your works. It’ll definitely close the mouthes of people that only believe in Maya or Max.
Second point, Blender needs to open itself to production. it doesn’t have enough export or import format. Blender could easily find it’s place in a pipeline as a modeler, cause it’s much more efficient than Maya and Max (and at least quicker than them). If it could export easily to these format, it could be a tool of choice for modeling (like Nendo or amapi are).
Last point, it needs to envolve continuously. That is why we need artists, but also all python coders. They need a site where they could post their scripts for the community.
I think the best way to organize all and keep the sites small is deciding of ONE site as a main gateway, for talk and news, and several smaller sites for galleries, scripts (One per subject). If we do that all together. We can at least maintain the community together.
I know I’m talking as Nan is really dead. That is not what I hope. I just think that this kind of organization can make us closer and stronger. If Nan is really dead, then we will continue to live with all the strenghts of the community. If they’re not, then I’m sure they’ll be happy to know we didn’t stopped to believe in Blender, and they will enjoy all the work done for them and us during these times.
Just let me know what you think about it. If we decide on a main gateway site, I’ll contact all the major 3DCG sites (3DVF, CGchannel, insidecg, etc…) of the situation to bring as much blender users as possible.
And last thing , sorry for my horrible english as I’m french :slight_smile: