avaricious (updated - second render added)

Update: Please scroll down to see the second (non-WC) render.

Something I made for weekend challenge #129


About four hours modeling, about two hours on materials and lighting (including a slight attempt at manual sss), an hour to render, Blender 2.35 optimized, all procedural textures.

This was fun to make. Originally I wanted a more involved scene denoting more wealth/greed, but I decided to focus on the character in the limited time I had and to accentuate the necklace (collar?).

Well on to the next blend :slight_smile:


woow… :o I like it very much… it’s superb
I wish to be 10% good and guick as you are…


impressive robert, for four hours, nice!

i would love to see a version of this with just the head and chain, with out the body and mud, i think that would really capture what your after

they say about the greats their ablity to produce, and produce, and produce, and produce, and produce, you get the picture man,

great stuff

The background doesn’t fit, I would of put a ton of gold coins behind him, but thats just my thinking.

Other then that, well done.


Great piece as always RobertT. As already stated, the background ruins everything IMO. Even the green color doesn’t match the scene very well. I guess it was the last thing you did and you didn’t pay enough attention. Other than that, the modeling is great, the expression is good too. Great work.
Keep it up.

Yeah that background is really crap. No offense.

That said, its an amazing piece. Something like that would take me around 4 - 7 days to make.

I really like your texture on the pig. Did you use UV? And whats SSS?

Well, yes, the BG does kind of ruin it. But that is a minor issue that can be easily fixed.

The skin shader is very nicely done. Could use some more variation though. Especially around the muzzle area. Should have more spec there to show that it is more wet.

Good stuff for four hours though.


MAN!!! Are you for real??? :o

Amaizing work! 8)

I’m glad everyone seems to agree about the background, because I wasn’t all that happy with it. The intent was to use one of those light effects they use in music videos behind some dandied up dude :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an update below :wink:

Falek: Thanks! You can be even better yet, just keep working at it, try different things, and never get discouraged by any setbacks or criticism :wink:

Wu: Thanks Wu. I’m blending nonstop, not only to end the year on a personal strong note but also to set the stage for massive improvements next year :slight_smile:

mystery00: You might like the update below - exactly what I had in mind :smiley:

IgorSandman: As always, I appreciate your honesty and encouragement. It was definitely the least area I worked on in this and it showed. Hopefully the update below is a step in the right direction.

redbyte: No UV mapping on this, just procedural textures (a lot of cloud used). SSS is subsurface scattering, something I mildly tried to fake here but really did not achieve in my estimation.

BgDM: Thank you very much for the helpful feedback BgDM. I changed the background in the update below and worked some more on the spec. I was happy the character took shape so quickly. The new face selection does wonders for rapidly developing meshes, especially in organic models like this it seems. I started Sunday evening and left almost no time for an environment, which in retrospect may or may not have helped the focus of this piece, since I might have been tempted to fill the background with a massive display of wealth, which could have been very distracting :slight_smile: Hopefully the coins work better in the render below.

[email protected]: Reality is always worth questioning :wink: Thanks!

And now for the update:

please click here for the second render

Thanks for looking,


That one is much better. The specular really makes him look wet, which he shoudl be being in a tub of what ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

The coin BG is far better as well.

Great update Robertt.


Excelent! Great work on tha BG. It looks so cool now. It would fit perfectly as a new character in Alice in Wonderland :slight_smile:
Keep it up.

:o :o :o
(if only Robertt hasn’t entered the WC this week, perhaps I would have standed a chance)

I love this one so much! The new BG reinforces it 200%! very good job, man! :slight_smile:


We have a winner! :smiley:

Now it is perfect.

Yep, the second render is definitely better. The coins are a great addition.


That’s funniset blende pic I’ve seen for a while. You’ve done it again, Robertt, but then again, how could you not to be doing it? You just rock.

If I just had even half of your enthustiasim… but noo, i’m just like that pig in your scene, lazy and always after cheap buck :wink:

Wow… very impressive, especially for the time spent on it. How long have you been doing 3D art? Seems you have extensive experience :wink:

Wow, there is something exceptional about this model, and the skin has a great quality to it. Definately blender3d.org gallery worthy. (hint)

You, sir, are truly awesome…