Avatar Amplified Mobility Platform

Hey guys, I’m working on the Amplified Mobility Platform from James Cameron’s Avatar. This is the giant mech battle suit thing that you saw in many of the fight scenes. This is probably one of my most ambitious projects yet, even though I’m not exactly the greatest modeler out there. I set forth on this project to enhance my modeling skills. Its sort of taking shape so far, but I my topology doesn’t seem to be that great. I was kind of choosing between blocking the form of the entire model and detailing it, or just poly by poly modeling. I ended up jumping back and forth which I don’t think was a great choice. What I had trouble with most was the cockpit, I wasn’t exactly sure how I should make it fit the bottom part. It was either duplicate the top vertices of the bottom and form the shape, or block the form and detail it, I ended up choosing duplicating and forming it. I welcome tips and criticism, I’ll need it. Thanks


I say either one is good, but i suggest box modeling for such a big work of art.

Also work on the cockpit and different parts seperately from the actual thing and join it in later. I would work on the limbs and body seperately as well. You can’t eat a watermelon in one bite, you cut into pieces. i think you should do the same for this.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I think I ended up not using box modeling because I was scared the details such as the windows and such would be messed up, turns out I may have been wrong. XD

I’m already working on every part seperatly. I just wasn’t sure how to approach the cockpit, because I wanted the bottom of the cockpit to line up correctly with the other part on the bottom so I could use the solidify modifier and have things turn out correctly.