avatar and profile problem

ok i have just tried to add my avatar to my profile.

i insert my avatar link (or diretory)
and each time the pae just reloads when i press the submit button.

so then i go and insert my pasword (as it asks at the top of the page)
still same problem!!!
then i go and insert the new pasword and repeat of this pasword.

anyway each time it just reloads the page and does nothing, doesn’t even tell me what i need to do.

i use mozila to surf the web , is this the problem???

by the way this is the avatar i want on my profile, if i can’t do it. it would be pretty cool if one of you admins could do it for me.


thanks for your time guys

maybe because your image has a size of ~ 30 kb?
only images up to 8kb are allowed…

… and not above 65x65 pixels. It’s all there, in writing…

oh ok thanks guys.

yeah my image is 64x64 but way to big.

sorry about that LOL

So, why doesn’t mine work?


Help me!

Don’t worry ( I’m sure your not :wink: )

I got it to work.

o yeah, I coulnd’t sleep tonight. All I could think about was your avatar :slight_smile:

well mine works. and i like it