Avatar :D Can't choose one


I’ve made some avatars for me and the group of people behind me. My current one was made with Adobe Illustrator (oldest avatar) then I’ve made one in my free time with Autodesk Scetchbook and the newest one was made entirely with Blender. Which one would you choose? Thanks!

The first one looks neat.


The first one, it looks more like an avatar.

I think the first one looks better.

Alright…I’m with you fellers.

Well that’s the one I’m using currently. Just it’s like 2 - 3 years old now. So any additions then? Thanks!

Maybe a Blender logo!!! :slight_smile:

try a low poly version done in blender… maybe it will look better… right now the first picture looks best for me, second is on second place and the third one the last…

Third one was retopologized actually :smiley: So it is low poly. Quality in web looks bad, but anyway. I’ll play slightly more with the blender scene and probably stick with the first one, thanks!

What m_squared said…

Im saying first one…

I’ll have to follow the crowd and say the first one. The second one looks scratchy and too rough, while the third looks amateur at best.