Avatar - Sci-fi version of Ferngully?

It just got me thinking when someone else posted the “Making of : Avatar” youtube video and I’ll be honest right here and now - I’m not all in a hype to see it, I don’t hate it, I might want to see the movie here soon, actually I’m pretty interested after seeing the Making of clips.


He mentions he came up with this idea 14 years ago (1994), which was 2 years after Ferngully was out in 1992. Now I’m not fighting for Ferngully or anything, I just find this really funny really. A lot of the concepts and principles in this animated film I can see in just a few clips for the trailer. Both Ferngully and Avatar are featured by Fox, so …shrugs

  1. Rain forest is being taken over and construction starts for minerals
  2. Boy gets sent into the world in a way that the people take in that person
  3. Girl falls in love with boy and they have a flying scene
  4. Girl finds about situation and gets mad at boy
  • I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t pinpoint more, but I find this hysterical really.

Honestly I was forced to watch Ferngully over and over cause my little sister loved that movie that she watched it like five times a day in a row. So yeah I’d just thought I’d bring up the topic and see what everyone thought about that.

Kinda interested in the movie now after watching the making of. Looks like they used some interesting techniques and should be fun to see.

Kinda interested in the movie now after watching the making of. Looks like they used some interesting techniques and should be fun to see.

You’ve summed up my sentiments perfectly in that one sentence. Think of it as a visual experience.

I’m finally going to watch it this week.

as far as I see it avatar = meh + fancy cg

(on that note the cg work is pretty impressive)

I laughed at that because that’s all I really have thought about it so far.

Interesting, I hadn’t heard anyone compare Avatar to Ferngully yet. I keep hearing that it’s basically Dances with Wolves, Pocahontas, etc. I’ve even heard comparisons to District 9. I haven’t seen Avatar yet either; I think I’ll probably wait. I know it’s in 3D and whatnot and I’m “crazy for not seeing it in imax,” but I really couldn’t care less if it’s just going to be a movie I’ve already seen a hundred times before. I wouldn’t see Dances with Wolves in imax.

It’s the fact he came up with the idea right after Ferngully came out that really gets me a little bit. But I guess that’s how a lot of movies work these days?

It’s more like Dances with Wolves - also a FOX film, and released at about the same time as well. Ferngully is similar, but I think the comparison to DWW is a lot closer, aside from the final battle in Avatar, which there is no real comparison for in either movie.

I liked the film, but I liked DWW and Last Samurai as well, so seeing the same story again didn’t bother me. Avatar has a couple of supremely awesome characters, tho. The Colonel is one of the best “big dumb action movie” bad guys in history. You totally love to hate him.

It’s a really well-made, solid film, but it gets zero points for plot originality. It gets bonus points from me for being so watchable, tho. I haven’t been able to just sit back and relax for a big action spectacle movie in a long time, because most of them now have a bunch of cheesy comedy relief characters, gigantic plot holes or out of character moments that are contrived solely so the plot can move forward. Things like the Alien Mothership being mac compatible, the thousands of tiny chunks of debris moving at thousands of miles per hour that bounce off shuttles as though they were just hailstones or rain, or any scene that requires about nine billion coincidences and pure luck in order for the hero to escape any number of gruesome, instant deaths.

Might be a basic story, but at least it’s not stupid or full of goofy crap the way Transformers 2 was, with the ghetto-talking cars and all the bizarre sexual innuendo and crude jokes.

EDIT: Also… wow… as of today, the film has been in the theater for two full weeks, and it’s currently ranked at 31 on the list of highest grossing films of all time, internationally. It’s getting close to the top 20 domestic.