hey guys just wondering which you like the most.




Second or third one. The first one shows the fact that you’re a blenderhead, but that’s not really something that stands out on this site.


I agree with meestaplu

hadn’t you posted them all before somewhere else on this forum?

I think none stands out as great. The the animated stands out as annoying

why are you asking us to pick our favorite of your avatars anyway?

coz i was bored LOL.

and yeah all of them have been used here before.


And so many other are blamed for spam :smiley:

I don’t consider it spam. Its off topic, and he wanted an opinion.

yeah i confess its spam.

but there are different classes of spam IMO.

and mine is upper class spam :wink:


Im still confused as to why its considered spam…

I raly liked the mullet and yep… spam. :smiley:

Well if its spam, then isn’t the off topic thread ment for spam? If it has some sort of purpose.

I raly liked the mullet and yep… spam. :smiley:

the mullet is the one i first knew you as, so i go with that one. too bad BgDM has to keep changing his.

and the mullet one looks a bit like me anyways LOL

yeah i migh change it back to that one :smiley:


Definitely the mullet!

And while we’re at it… maybe you have a bigger version of it that you could post? I’ve always wanted to get a closer look at that picture. Did you paint it?

no i didn’t paint it, i actually don’t kno who did. i just pulled it off a google image search.

so to whomever painted the mullet, i am sorry but i cannot give you proper credit.


i actually think its the single best piece of artwork i have ever seen, the artist who made this is seriously talented.


Yah, you should go back to the mullet. :smiley:


Speaking of avatars, I have a question.

If I have an avatar bigger than 8K, can I host the file myself, and use the “url link to image” option while editing my profile instead of putting it on the elysiun server?

I hope all that was clear.


No, this is done exactly because we want to limit avatars to 8K and lower.