avconv what does it mean for blender?

I am currently running on linux mint 14, when I try to use ffmpeg, I am asked to use avconv instead. Since ffmpeg is being phasedout, will blender start to use avconv instead, or is mint/ubuntu being an ass?

http://libav.org is a fork of ffmpeg.

Blender/Trunk is currently compatible with both, last week I worked with Debian guys to make sure libav works with blender, Segey committed my patch with some improved compatibility for older distros.

For the time being we’ll keep both working, once it becomes clear which is the best to go with we’ll likely drop support for the other.

Thank you for clearing that up.

Actually both projects grab each other’s code regularily so the biggest difference is interface right now. Not sure what the future will hold…

Thank you for clearing that up