AVE-8 Supercar attempt

Okay. After AVE7 turned out so intresting i made another one and here it is. Tryed to get bit more modern feeling to it. Oh and yes… same deal as before… no GI or AO stuff…

And here are some more pictures. (gotta love posting them, Oh and two above pics are actually 1% more complete than these down here. Fixed the mesh a bit)

Comments and stuff welcome! :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve been skimming through the AVEs since the middle of the last one, and this came out great. I love those rims. Helps that it’s a color I’d buy, too :).

man i love the back with the lights arrangment. Id buy 1

Thanks… Keep the comments rolling.

A word though… I had some serious trouble on deciding the paintcolor for chassis. I propably tested all of the palette but this “silvery / pearlwhitey thing” looked best…

Dude. Colourbands. (GIMP’d demo attaché)


Nice. That front view is especially intimidating.

Pink… no way… :slight_smile: … But i should put some effort on making some fantastic paintworks for my future cars.

I miss the sharpness of the curves found in cars.

In the wistful poetic “I don’t have any cars” sense, or in the “this one needs more sharpness” sense, do you say? :spin:

This car is a beauty. My only criticisms, is the side windows (or maybe the window post)
seem to need a bit more of a dynamic wind swept look maybe they should slope to a point at the rear of the window. That is definitely one fantastic paint job, the color bands don’t
do well in my opinion. I’d buy one (or two) if I had the dough.

The only thing that looks odd in the renders is the platenumber. They look too…ehm…digital. Maybe its the font. Great work!


Like this.

I thought it had enought of sharp edges. :smiley: But yet again… It never is enought it seems. Well i’ll do better next time.

Well imo the car should have either very sharp edges or completely round with out edges. Right now it feels like it’s in between.

Its hybridcar… umm… artisticly speaking :smiley:

  • you r car looks wobly like its been in a acident it looks like its body is weak althought it looks cool +

@“sharp” vs. “rounded”: most designs actually employ both in subtle ways to achieve the desired look. I’m thinking bigbad is referring to the overall look of the car being either “sharp” or “smooth”.

@Eradicor: I like the next version. I see you’re still struggling with some mesh continuity issues, but its coming along. Just overall, tho, I’d say your design lacks an overall flow and “theme” of design - it kinda looks like a bunch of ideas thrown together haphazzardly. Also, work especially hard on where your body panels/segments meet together. These gaps must be exactly smooth and consistent (in terms of distance apart) and maintain curvature continuity across them. Do you remember those old lexus commercials where they had their car suspended on manipulators, then they ran ball bearings along the panel seams to watch them roll smoothly along? No matter what your design looks like, if this aspect is highly refined, it’ll look professional.

Good effort, tho! Keep at it!

Is there a rear-view mirror or does it go too fast to care? :smiley:

Well in fact i left the rearview mirrors (physical ones) away Because… LCD viewscreens and minicameras have been replacing them in most modern cars. And if you look very closely on the rear part (littlebit above taillights) you can see two black dots… in closer look they are 2 small cameras.

Awesome! Were you contemplating a detailed view of the dash?