Average Age of BlenderArtists.com users

Just thought the results of this might be interesting. Sorry if there is anyone younger than 10 but I figured that would be one of the lowest possible ages here.

Sorry, can we get an admin to delete this thread ? As you can tell, yet another stupid person, (me) posted yet another useless thread, that at least have a dozen other people have done before… Dang, that was dumb.

No, but I could predict the results - likely 80% 10 - 15. I’m 38.

So I need to post a new thread, “What age are you mentally?” Or “How old do you feel?”

I have absolutely no problem with this thread. People feel sick about a particular thread when they see the same thread every 2nd day. I havent seen such thread for a while so I am really anexious to know the present stats.

Wow, I am 57 years of age physically, not sure about other measures though…

I’ll be 21 in August, so I’m going to vote 21-25 preemptively.

I’m a 17 year old. Born I ln February of 1994.
Yep. That’s me for you.

boy and you sort of reminded me of someone my age in the one thread about the person who was able to teleport.

Well, having been there and done that, it is not difficult to describe! It may be a reach to believe, yet not hard to describe. :slight_smile:

Sorry @pixelmass, that I didn’t add more options, I didn’t want the list to go on and on… I also wanted more to know exactly how many people using this forum were even near my age… (14) To tell you the truth, like @TWS Admin, when reading some of your posts, I thought you were a lot younger…:slight_smile:

Well then, you should of asked that specific question. I do find that keeping your mind active does seem to be an anti-aging agent. Well, I’ll talk to you in a few years… :slight_smile:

So if you anti-age at the rate of 6.25 months per year, and I age at approx 1.089 years per year :slight_smile: then how many years will it take for me to be older than you?

I’m reminded of why I dislike math…

It is really quite simple. What you need to do is to take the root mean square of the differences and the then multiply them by pi (providing that you can figure out the exact value) and there you have it! Another solution may be to shove it all in a blender and crank it up into high duty, after an hour or so you should see your results! :slight_smile:

I was afraid of that. I do tend to have a childlike yet grown up
Mind (either that or i have an undiagnosed mental disorder).

In simple terms, my grandpa’s like that: Very funny and has a childlike quality to him yet he can stop and think of things in a more mature manner if needed.
I like him. Good old grandpa.

Erm…you’ve lost me (though music is my strong point, mathematics isn’t)

Well, you have to realize that music is quite mathematical. You see you have tempo, point and counter point, chord progressions and such. Some people don’t write it down as an equation, they just hear it. It is a vision of a different sort… another language, not everyone can appreciate that, still it is a science and an art. I would not worry about it, just do it!

And some people just play music because they have to in school… :slight_smile: (I actually enjoy it though).

LOL! at first i thought it was some direct method to solve this problem :smiley:

@N00b@Blender I guess 26.724 years, i could be wrong though.

If I actually cared, I would try to work it out. However, I am supposed to be doing my regular math for school right now… (I am homeschooled).