Average Blender user's age range. Poll

I am just interested in finding out how old the majority of Blender users are, who visit this excellent forum.

Sonix… (27yrs) Blender user for 1.5 months.

oh what , I don’t count because I’m 34.

Anyone over 30 must not exist, huh?

hehe, I’ve been using blender for about 2 1/2 - 3 years.

And just wait, I’m not the only one over 30! :stuck_out_tongue:

Dreamsgate, sorry I did enter the 30+ option but not correctly it would seem, there is now a 30 plus option.


I fit in average(after 3 votes). It’s 26 days to my birthday :D, hmm but that means that there is just 391 days and i’m 30…


wow…everyone is so…OLD…so…obsolete! WE are the future, the next generation! (I’t’s prolly just me and Weirdhat that r younger than 17, but hey! we try!)

You’re not much of a future, if you think because you are 17 you know everything. I can learn things even at age 40.

theeth 18 years old, user of blender for a little be more than 2 years

\me is 22 and growing… :smiley:

Hail Blender…

I’ll be 35 in january 8) … The good thing about being ‘the old, passé generation’ is that I’m most likely to be able to die from natural causes. That is, before some really weird global climate holocaust wipes out the rest of ya… :smiley:

He, he, dreamsgate… We are at the same age… In a few days I’ll be 34 to… 8)

I found out about Blender a couple of years and I feel that I’ve just started… :wink: or should I say… reborned…? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Even in such case… we 30+ are going to survive…

We did so far, so I can’t find any reason why we couldn’t keep on…

Keep the good work jamesk…

After all, as we say here, “Life begins after the age of 50…” :wink:


17 turning 18 in a few a month and a bit. Been a blender users for just under 2 years altough i have long periods where i don’t use it

18…feeling 8 :stuck_out_tongue: been using Blender nearly 3 years ( :o time flies when your having fun)

cheers all

am i the only one in the 2-15yrs???
it looks like it :frowning:

i discovered blender about a year ago, didn’t have a clue about it so abandoned it, and learnt how to use it a couple of months ago…

:o wow…everyone thought I was serious…come on guys…where would us hot-headed Life-in-the-fast-lane youngsters be without your wisdom and calm and competence? I was just kidding men and women (and I refrained from using “old” before that).
Besides, who would write the tutorials to help us grow old with Blender as well? You guys are really important to us. Don’t die on us yet!

By the way, I’m actualy 16 (since the 15th, got TR:AOD for my birthday yaaay!).

hehe, we have no intention of dying, we are going to outlive all you youngins.

Nah, I ain’t gonna die just yet either. Got to finish this script I’m working on first, then I can leave this world knowing I made a difference. :smiley:


You folks should worry. We had a poll like this on the Real-time forum which went up to 60 and I was still excluded! I’m 64 and have been making games with Blender for 12 months or so now. I’ve just posted my latest. You should go over there and check it out! …I’ll do anything for a little publicity!!! HEHE!!


So many groups for the little ins. Then you get to the grown ups and we are all clumped together as over 30. So 70 is the same as 31? I wish I was 17 again because then I would agree with you.

Love and piece man (what ever that means, before my time)


just to let yo uall know… this comunity rox! there is such a good spread of experience, age, and originality in the community! and i’m not kidding, al lthe different personalities really make an effective and dynamic community!

keep blending!

(20 years old:blendeing for 3)