Average income of a developer

I think it is 5000€ not $.
You have to take into account that the salaries are based on wages in the Netherlands not in the US. So what somebody at ILM, Weta or Framestore earns is irrelevant.

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… you obviously do not have idea how many money can earn GOOD programmer. Heh… I know guys which have his own agents which manage his jobs. They do not want permanent jobs, rather they have contract jobs.
As I remember they use US dollar as reference. Although even if this are 5000€, difference is not so big.
And you have to take into account that Blender is International Foundation, so Netherlands is just place where BF have his HQ.

Well this go to far in off topic. Also its’s somehow rude to look in someone pocket and make comments about his decisions. At least in my country we avoid to comment such stuff too much. Imagine yourself in position where people discuss about your life, your salary, your…

I have no idea indeed. But that is not relevant.

I am saying that referencing programmers salaries in US companies is not useful because the Blender programmers are not payed by a US company.

I mean, i am sure that for a programmer, no matter how good, working for a Nigerian company a monthly salary of 5000€ would be enourmous. Does this mean that the Blender programmers are payed enormous salaries? Of course not because they are not payed by a Nigerian company.

No they don’t. They state that if the fund reaches 100 000€ they can pay 20 full time developers.

What is an “international Foundation”?

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I do not understand why you are so obsessed with this? So you assume that Nigeria can not pay good salary to good programmers? ccccccc… this is inappropriate y’know. Anyway even in poorest countries capable programmers are payed much more above average. And when they collect knowledge and experience they flee to other countries where salary is higher… just like in my country.
Pheh… I never make Twatter or Fakebook account just like people like you.
Ok. you win, I lose… happy now? Now I go to do something more productive & creative, bye

No, they are capable of paying good salaries. The point is that “good” in Nigeria is completely different from “good” in the Netherlands.
Another example is Germany - Switzerland. A very good salary in Germany is rather mediocre in Switzerland.


So doesn’t that just mean that “good” is completely location dependent?

Not really. Development is something that was always easy to do remotely. You can work from the Netherlands, Mongolia or sitting on a beach in Hawaii. I know a lot of developers who are doing it for years, working in key sectors not just in VFX but for major IT companies or retailers in the states.

Point being, if the salaries are sub-par you’re limiting the talent pool available. It’s not gonna be an alternative for a senior developer. Just an example - I vaguely remember Ton mentioning in an interview that a great developer he worked with is working on the Houdini UI and they simply can’t afford him.

you can’t really compare the usa and europe though. there are many differences in the cost of living, health care systems,… in europe you earn less but don’t have to worry that much about some things.

and if the blender foundation wages may be a bit low even for european standards i hope they make up for it with a nice working environment, interesting tasks, hopefully less stress than in other companies? :slight_smile:

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Fair enough.
I guess you just have to weigh if it is worth limiting the pool. If you can only aford 10 instead of 20 developers if you want a pool with no limits then perhaps it is simply not worth it.

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Yes, I agree. Not saying they’re doing it wrong.

Blender has so many modules, and people are spread pretty thin as is. Makes sense to keep more people and give them a sense of ownership over modules instead of hiring one veteran focusing on many areas. Also, with more experience people tend to get a lot more specialized.

It’s just a matter of finding a good balance and some ways to up that dev fund I guess.

It isn’t even that they do not have veterans. There are people with quite some experience working there.

Ye, was thinking in terms of 10+ years in high pressure production for a diverse set of companies. I know Brecht worked a couple years for Solid Angle (and it shows, he seems to be firmly in control), not sure about the others.

The thing is, seeing other environments and working for the competition is invaluable in any field, not just coding. It’s way too easy to get tunnel vision.

Don’t get me wrong, not bashing on anyone, I think the work they’re doing is great. Just saying that for example a dev who worked at SideFX for a couple years might already know how to approach certain problems and there wouldn’t be the need to reinvent the wheel.

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