AVG antivirus

I recently ditched norton antivirus and got AVG antivirus free edition. Anyone have that, and what are your opinions on it?

I really like it, it updates really quick, even when you have XP and you have accounts and didn’t have loaded your windows enviroment, it already starts updating. So if you press your account button it says already done :smiley:

But I have sometimes things I don’t like, like I can’t delete some virusses, not even put in caratain, not repair but just have to continue. Anyways that only happens with trojans which finnally got removed using addaware. Anyways AVG antivirus and Addaware, that combination is really good against virusses, trojans, addware/spyware. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still use it, and I really like it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got Spybot S&D, Microsoft Antispyware, and Ad-Aware too. I am pretty secure I guess.

By the way JD-Multi, your server must be really dirty because you have been cleaning it for weeks :wink: .

i’ve got AVG free and i think it’s great, the only time i know it’s even running is when it updates or finds a virus, which is how virus protection should be, it’s had zero effect on my system performance and has caught a few nasty viruses before my mates with norton or mcaffe did, the gui looks a bit shabby, but you hardly ever see it so it doesn’t really matter

I used to use it before I got my current pc, but now I use avast which imho is as good if not better!(only reason I stoped using avg was that it didn’t support xp)…

Lol didn’t it? Well I’m using it under xp :stuck_out_tongue:

avast!, hey? Thats funny. I switched from avast! to AVGFree because avast! didnt pick up a few virus that AVGFree could and was unable to get rid of (AVG was picking it up and deleting it but could never get the source). And yes, im using AVGFree under XP SP2.

We have AGP and Avast here and both work pretty well. AGP stopped updating their engine a while back so that was why the switch to Avast. Recently though we started getting updated engines again (from AGP) so maybe they’re still offering the free home version. Personally I prefer Avast because the philosophy of AVG is basically corporate and profit oriented. Maybe the Checks (?) will go that way too but so far Avast has been very friendly. Avast catches a lot of junk that gets sent out through advertising to web pages too.

i’ve had that antivirus, when i was on windows, and worked fine.
Another good, light and free antivirus fo windows is Antivir.
Don’t forget to put a good firewall too, me i used zoneAlarm personal .

i heard that ad-aware was unblocking certain spyware. is it true?

Hmm, I dont trust AVG.

After a while of someone else using my computer, I decided to run a quick virus scan.

Avg: No viruses

Great, I thought. Though, always the paranoid one, I ran norton.

3 viruses.

Both were updated just before I ran them, had all the options on, everything.

Thus, I dont rely on avg to pick up all the viruses.