'avi code' option

Hi, i’m new using blender and i’m want to render an animation using the ‘avi code’ option, but the only options that i see are ‘avi jpg’ and ‘avi raw’. i’m using 2.37a.

You need to install the codec you wish to use on your system.


Free-codecs provides an XP Codec Package which installs as many useful codecs as you want on your system.

You can also there find links to Windows Media Player Classic, a wonderful freeware DVD and media player that looks and feels somewhat like an older version of M$ Media Player.

Hope this helps.

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the “avi codec” option is only available in windows [because it uses the windows codec system]

Ack! I’ve been brainwashed by M$.

Sorry, I should have noticed you weren’t using Win32.

AVI RAW is actually your best choice. It can be edited with losing the quality, then you can convert that to a compressed video format.

Thanks for the help.

what software is recommended to do the conversion to the compressed video format?

That’s a personal choice. I usually use Ulead Media Studio (MPEGs and DVDs). If not that, then I use VirtualDub (DIXV or XVID files). For internet downloads, I will use WindowsXP Movie Maker (WMV files).

TmpGenc will create MPG files.

QuickTime can do MOV files, but I never had luck on getting a good compression and small file size.

Adobe Premire is another one that can make make video files from your original.

ok, but i’m working with linux, i forgot to say that. sorry.

i guess some software like cinelerra could work, since is similar to premiere?