AVI conversion questions.....

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Anyone know how to convert a avi file from blender into say a animated “gif” file that can be used on a webpage. I have tried using the AVI by embedding it in the HTML and it is just a pain to work with.

thanks for the help in advance.

Cujo31 :-?

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You can’t use AVIs. You need individual images.

You will need to save the images as a sequence, probably TARGA with an alpha channel. Convert the images to GIFs. There are some freeware programs available that will make the animated GIFs.

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search in google for VIRTUAL DUB

With this program you can make image sequences in alle formats. of course gifs.


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There are alot of free anigif tools out, which can either use a jpg or tga sequence as input or a avi file or something.

Just try searching on google.com or download.com,


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Hi Cujo,

Here`s the url to “Avi Edit”:



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Hey Hadj thanks I appreciate the link. I have saved my file as both AVI raw and AVI JPG and keep getting errors when I try to open it in this program. Am I missing something?

Have you used this program before? Any tips for me???

Thanks a LOT!


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Hi Cujo,

I havent had any problems with "avi edit", I just opened both types of AVIs to make sure,

I`m not much help in solving the problem your having, sorry, but

have you played with this file:


you can push the surface of a mesh plane around with an object
ie: a boat cutting a “V” wave as it`s moving through the water.

(I`m sorry to who ever wrote the script, that I forgot your name"Sorry"
if anyone can give us some information on the person that wrote the
scipt, i sure would be greatful, Thanks)


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you can use can use adobe image ready to do that
it lays out the frames in the animation pallete as indivudial pic’s
just keep it short

(snailrose) #9

you can use can use adobe image ready to do that
it lays out the frames in the animation pallete as indivudial pic’s
just keep it short

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If I only could afford a thousand Dollar Software :frowning:

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This is illegal. I am going to be a media designer and I will make money out of the programs I use. I really don´t want to take the first step into a financial grave. So I rather stick to an old and legal version of Corel photo paint 8, til Photoshop 6 gets cheaper.

Anyways, I don´t like cracked versions. You never know what´s in it and it is really great for hiding a trojan horse.

And one word for Adobe. From my point of view they really deserve the money (If I think of all the layer functions in Photoshop :o ). So I will try to save the money ( approximately ten months without spending something unnecessary). They did excellent jobs with Acrobat distiller, Photoshop and the PDF format. PDF is a revolution for print.

If I were you, I´d rather edit your link to a “censored”, although I appreciate your help. But I owe a lot to the quality work of Adobe, so try not to damage them.


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sorry to offend you…i ment nothing by it …hope someday you will get to
be a slave in this society…and i do agree that adobe does dserve credit for there programs…(worth paying for)
…so sorry…
…censor away…


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Did I sound offended? No offense taken, be sure.

And I´ll ignore this slavery response of yours

By the way, I can´t edit your posts. only the forum gods can do that…and they did.