avi file not recognised


i have a captured video and it is in avi format. however, when i try to load it into blender it says ‘not an anim’. Is there any way how i can convert the format to something that blender does accept?



I beleive, ( and beleive me, someone will correct me if I am wrong here), that Blender only accepts raw video as an internal avi file type. If it has been previously compressed, (i.e. Divx, etc.), you will not be able to open it Blender.


Avi is not a single video format. An AVI-file can be compressed with many different codecs. And blender doesn’t understand all of them.

You could get a tool like Virtual Dub. Whith it you open the AVI and save it as uncompressed AVI file. Blender recognizes this format. But attention: uncompressed AVIs are extremely huge.


Blender also supports MJPEG (AVI-JPG) videos. MJPEG is not the same as MPEG, although the names are confusingly similar. The primary difference is that MPEG provides temporal compression, while MJPEG only provides spatial compression. MJPEG codecs are often used as storage formats for large files that need to be archived with good quality. It is a lossy codec, but at 100% quality, the image degradation is minimal.

You don’t need a codec to work with MJPEG internally, but to view it externally you will. Download the codec from here: