AVI format

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I am confused with avi raw and avi jpeg movie format. My movie players do not work in my avi jpeg. And I thought jpeg was for only single frames?
Can I load my avi jpeg movie in blender and re-save it without re-rendering? I can only view my avi jpeg in blender, and this just will not do.

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Avi Raw is a sequence of uncompressed frames.

Avi JPG is a sequence of frames compressed with the JPG algorithm is a not-so-smart compression, smart compression uses the similarities in subsequent frames to cut down file size.

Avi Raw can be played by anyplayer, it is plain… The second need a codec which is not commonly shipped with players because it is an inefficient compression. You can find that codec, but the link was on www.blender.nl and I can’t recall.

You can use VirtualDub to convert from one format to the other :slight_smile:


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It’s what Stefano said. AVIjpg compresses individual frames. You are kind of right in thinking that JPEG is for single frames. It does not take into account changes between frames. MPEG compression formats reduce the file size by describing the pixel changes from frame to frame. If pixels don’t change color much, you get a smaller file size. There is more to it, but that is a really simple explanation.


  1. Easy. Use Quicktime to view your AVIjpg animations. Quicktime includes the CODEC (COmpression/DECompression) for playing AVIjpg.

  2. Mostly simple. Download the AVIjpg CODEC. This will allow you to play AVIjpg in any player. A URL is: http://www.mainconcept.com/download/download.shtml

  3. More effort. Use other CODECs that are better or more widely supported. Many people use DivX. Get it at: http://www.divx.com/ You can also get Virtual Dub there. Virtual Dub will allow you to compress any AVI file using whatever CODECs you have available. Some other valuable links are:

  4. Use Caronte’s program to compress directly from Blender (after you have installed the CODECs). Check out his site and download the program at:
    It is in the Tools section of the website.