Avi into gimp ???

Does anyone know how I can get avi’s into gimp, I have downloaded the gimp gap, and the newest verion of gimp just released. I know there was one version of gimp that I was able to get avi’s into, I just cant remember which version, If someone knows how to do this please let me know, thank you. Im running windows xp.

Newer versions of Gimp-GAP (at least on Linux) will allow you to parse AVI files using MPlayer. I’m not sure if you can reassemble them from there. That’s easy enough to do with MPlayer.

Thanks, I forgot to mention Im running windows, but thanks anyway.

All you need to do is to parse the frames using some external program. Most movie parsers will allow you to define the naming convention. You just need to have the frames in a format similar to frame_00001, frame_00002, etc. Then Gimp-GAP can read them. When you parse movies, I would recommend that you save them as 0 compression PNG files to maintain quality. You can convert to anything you want from Gimp when you’re done.

VirtualDub can save out AVI files as image sequences (in BMP, TGA, and JPEG formats).

You’ll need a fair amount of disk space, though, as image sequences will take a lot more room than the compressed AVI.

Depending on what you want to do in GIMP, you may be able to do it in VirtualDub if it is something like color correction, sharpen/blur, resize, crop, etc. If you actually want to add “painted” effects, then you’ll want to export the sequence - edit it - and splice it back in.

PNG is a lossless image format: even if you put 10 compression, the image remains the same. The compression format is just gzip.

Thank you I think virtua dub will do the trick, thanks. Also to everyone else who gave suggestions thank you .