AVI JPG Render Problem.....

I have been using Blender for about a year now, and have been struggling with this issue for quite some time. When I render in AVI JPG (with the default resolution), once the render is done and I attempt to watch it, an error message appears saying that “Windows Media Player has encountered a problem while playing this file”. I am utterly dumbfounded as to why, and I would be greatly appreciative of anyone who can explain it to me. I’m running a windows 7 64 bit. I’ve tried nearly every version of Blender and it appears to do the same with each version. Again: any insight to why this happens would be greatly appreciated.

Quite simply, Blender can not make movies. Oops, did I say that or think that…

Render to a frame sequence and then use a compositing program to generate your final output. If you do not have access to After Effects, there is a free program called VirtualDUB which will make an AVI file from an image sequence that will work on Windows.

Thanks a ton. That answers my question. I’m going to download VirtualDub right now!

only to say this happened to me too.
But with the linux version. There are changes in the way
blender generates the avi-jpeg video.
With newer blender-2.58 version the generated avi-jpeg (mjpeg)
video output could no more played with my default
mplayer (linux) version. (but this mplayer could still play
avi-jpeg-videos from older blender-revisions)
But the old blender-2.49 player and the totem-player
can still play the new version.
Maybe its the:
and/or the default jpeg
if anyone has a hint whats wrong with the ogg-output,
i was never able to create a working blender with ogg-output
It compiles without problems but cannot rendor to this video-codec.

this did help for me
blender-2.58.1 r38351
I disabled jpeg-option in the compile-settings.
Now it is still generating avi-jpg-videos (looks
it uses the openjpg from the settings) and
again mplayer can play those avi-videos.

I think there was a kind of collision between both
settings for jpg of the libs “jpeg” and “openjpeg”.