Avi-output problems

Hi all

Alas my first post in this forum should be on tech-probs and not on CG.

I have a problem saving my animations as avi. I made the GingerBread-man (source) and tried to animate him. It all work perfectly until I want to view my avi-file, my media-player doesn’t recognize it.

I use the AVI-JPEG-setting and Blender Internal Rendering Machine.
My Blender is the 2.34 on a Gentoo Linux 1.4.6

Can anyone help?

I just tried a quick render and mplayer had no problem with avi jpeg (cpappy format for quality BTW). You could try avi raw (big file) or emerge mplayer and everything codec related. I don’t what media player you’re using but even if it already is mplayer there may be a newer ebuild that you don’t have if you haven’t upgraded in a while. Emerge sync first of course to be sure. FWIW when you start doing longer, more complex animations it’s never a good idea to render directly to a video format anyway. Aways render tga, png, etc. sequences and composite them after. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thx Fly

I will avoid the direct to video-approach

(just goes to show the n00b I am %| )

I have no problem with this anyway. sooner or later you’re gonna compose the images inside blender (or external program, most users do it inside blender) and render them to a video. so the problem stays the same.

I have 0 problem at all (gentoo linux, vlc and mplayer).

double check, that you don’t have RGBA set on in render buttons… jpegs can’t have alpha.


I did Gus Gingerbread as well, and made him
dance on a stage with spotlights.

I then rendered everything onto a high definition
1280x720 AVI Mjpeg file without a hitch.

Check you´ve got Morgan Jpeg codec installed.

You shouldn´t have any problem, and if you set
the quality to 100% the result is really stunning.

Good luck! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: