avi question

ive a short question:
is it possible to put a .avi file on the forum?
i know i can send a link to youtube, but that’s not alway’s what i want, ive a short animation of a rotating model (30 seconds)
is that possible, and how?

You have to find your own hosting space to store the file in a retrievable location. There are a couple of free options: http://uploader.polorix.net/ is a site maintained by a blender user (not sure who)… or archive.org (upload thru an account on ourmedia.org). These will allow you to have full control over the codec of your AVI - but be sure to use a net-friendly one, such as xvid, divx or some other MPEG-4, H.264 type codec (with a good size-to-quality ratio.) Another alternative is Vimeo.com - they’ll convert your clip to a good quality flash-based file and still allow you to retrieve your original thru your account.

…and yes, I wish this forum would allow flash clips to be embedded right within a post - it would be a great benefit to this community.