AVI Raw File Format Won't Work

So, I have a student in a Blender class I’m teaching who can’t render video files in the AVI Raw file format. In the class, we rendered a simple animation in still frames (PNG’s), sequenced them in the VSE, then rendered them out as a final animation in AVI Raw. It worked on everyone’s computers except one students’ (which was operating Windows 8 32-bit). It rendered the animation, but the video file was corrupt (and so, it wouldn’t play). I had them try rendering it in other video file formats, and it worked in all the other ones; it just doesn’t work for AVI Raw. For these past several weeks I’ve just been having them use AVI JPEG or MPEG, but it would be really great if we could get this issue resolved (as AVI Raw is the preferred file format for us since it’s lossless and works well for everyone else). Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Thanks!

Are the working machines 64-bit? If so, could the problem be Blender hitting the 32-bit RAM usage limitations with this AVI file (AVI Raw = huge filesizes / 32-bit applications limited to making use of only 2 GB of RAM)?

Avi Raw is not meant to be a final movie format. Use its as a lossless intermediate movie format (like your lossless .png files), not for viewing the final movie.
You need to have a powerful enough computer to view them real time given the amount of data that’s involved, especially if its HD.

You can install more codecs on that Windows 8 thing. AVI RAW typically makes unplayable files. You would render to a lossless codec if you plan on handing that result off to an editor. If you are on Windows just put xVid on every machine and choose that codec instead of AVI RAW. I have had good results rendering to xVid from Blender. At least the file is playable, most of the time, and a reasonable size.

Also: Some codecs have a “proper” container size. If the Width/Height of your final output falls outside that acceptable range invalid movies can be the result.

Ikari, no, some are 64-bit and some are 32-bit.

Richard and Atom, thanks for telling me that! Especially the xVid part; I’ll download the codec and try it out :yes:

download xvid Avi codec. Its the best. see all these 3 animations 12 seconds only 9.8 mb using Xvid Codec