.avi to executable file for blender player

Hello all, Is it possible to take an .avi file created in Blender and make it a executable file? I saw some conversation about execuatable files but it did not explain how to do it.

Can someone please explain in detail how to do this?

yes, using flash. you can import tha avi in flash, where it will be re-encoded. then you can pulbish directly a projector file (a self-contained executable SWF, an .exe). this makes only sense if you’re sure that your target audience doesn’t have any video codecs on their system… or such


What I am trying to do is make a screensaver from an avi file using blender. I read in a thread on this site that you could make blender player run as a screensaver by making a runtime executable file and then change the .exe to .scr.

I know that I can use Bink (Rad video tools) to make a screensaver using an .avi file. The problem here is the Rad credit that is attached to the screensaver file.

I do not remember where I saw the thread but it did not explain how to make the executable in blender. If it is possible to do this in blender using the blender player,another use would be to make the blender executable file a self running presentaion CD by adding a autorun file to the CD.

I need to know if it is possible to do this in blender alone. If so how do you do it?

you can convert any exe to scr and run it as a screensaver (thats why so many viruses hide in scr’s). so you can do with a aprojector exe.

the “problem” with blender executables is that they rely on the game-engine, and i’m not sure if it can play avi’s. however i remember someone talking abt a script that was able to do that. search the forums, especially the game-engine section, for “avi”, “movie” or similar.

hope that helps


What about uvmapping the movie to a plane that fills the camera view?

no - not in the game-engine. it doesn’t support movies as textures. you can only make an image like a filmstrip and tell blender how many segments it has, and it will play them one after the other. this is the only animations supported. but as i said, there used to be a script for a work-around.