avi to gif converter

i was wondering if anyone knows of a good free avi to gif converter, i was trying to make some gif animations with some avi’s i made through blender. or does blender make gif animations?


Try XnView or Inspiration.


hey thanks just downloaded xnview, having trouble figuring how to use it, are you sure it can take avi files and change to gif, can you tell me how to do it?

you can also use movies12 http://jansfreeware.com/ or another option would be to use IrfanViews extract all frames, then gif them in the GIMP. (btw, everyone should have both Irfanview and theGIMP. 2 awesome graphics programs. Also Irfanview will play anything windows media player will play and alot more. also does batch processing.

dude, you’re a saint! thanks so much!, haha

I spent all fu**ing afternoon downloading like 4 different programs, searching the internet for a good free gif maker, this is the best dude thanks!!!

you got movies12? speedy little program eh? hehe, i couldn’t believe it the first time i used it, i thought something had gone wrong with the process because i expected it to be a little bit slower.

yeah actually got movies13 pretty great stuff, is there a way to edit the amount of grain in the final .gif, i’ve been playing with it for awhile and it only seems to have one quality final render, or would it be a better quality animation gif if I did it the second way you suggested, thanks for all the help, i was pulling my hair out trying to find a good avi gif converter!!!1


If you render your Blender avi’s as a TGA or PNG image series, you can use the great animation GIF tools of the GIMP 2.0


oto- hey thanks for the post, i also have used your website quite often in the past, i studied the little oto game for weeks not really to learn the game but the side things like uv texturing, and rigging, and the cross uv texture example was what got me started on learning how to uv texture so big thanks for that too!, and for this post!

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