Aviation arcade game with elements of simulation in BGE

Greetings to all on this forum. I from Russia and badly know English, so I apologize. The message was typed using an Internet translator. Since 2011 and currently I made a game project in Blender. Created aviation arcade game with elements of simulation. Simulated air combat using homing missiles and cannons, attack ground targets with precision-guided weapons, conventional bombs and missiles. In the game while there are not many objects as we would like, some of them not yet completed (modeling and texturing). However, they are all quite work. At the moment the player is available three aircraft - Su-25, MiG-27K, MiG-23MLD. For all of them are working cockpits, and for MiGs implemented relining wing and behavior change when you change the sweep. In the game also contains aircraft F-16C, F-15C, F-5E and anti-aircraft machine Oerlikon, SAM S-75, anti-aircraft machine gun ZPU-1, self-propelled SAM system a small radius Strela-1, MLRS Grad BM-21, Mi-24V, tanks T-72 and M-60. Gradual addition of new and improvement of already existing elements. There are currently six single-player missions and one small campaign, it is possible, however it is easy enough to increase the number of missions or create new campaigns. Also, how to create and connect new units. Present, albeit in small numbers (again, this is more an experiment) and background objects - buildings, trees, hangars, airfield. You have the option to choose the weather (clouds) and time of day (day or night). There is a choice of game interface settings. Gradually, over time, in this or other versions already, their work will be improved and adjusted. I haven’t figured out how to insert images and video, so just give a link to an overview video of the project.

Not bad for the demo. One thing. Since this is a game, you posted this in the wrong section. It needs to be moved to the game thread.