How is this guys…feedback please


The smudges on the glasses are a nice touch. Can’t critique much with just one image, as from what I can see, I like.

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Thanks a lot…

better lighting to bring out the sunglasses more. maybe adjust the floor to be either more shiny or less. tilt the sunglasses and take a angled picture of it. Thicker nose piece, (those white things). The gold nose part looks like it may be too wide to me? Not sure. That part of the nose is fairly narrow and so that piece wouldn’t have to be very wide.
I’d potentially think of not making it a brand name, but make your own logo, just so it doesn’t cause any issues. Does the gold material have a fresnel? I can’t tell but you can also look up the exact color of gold to make you sure you are getting as close to the color as possible.? It looks like it may be tad saturated, but I don’t know for sure. I feel the background is distracting. Something may be off about the reflection on the glasses.

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